Wednesday, April 25, 2018

April Art Update!

Wow!  April is almost over.  So where am I with art?

I'm trying to make YouTube videos.  I've been recording my drawing process, and some painting, and hopefully I will be able to edit those soon, and get them posted :)

I am still streaming Thursdays and Fridays on Twitch.  Thursday has been in the afternoon, and time has varied slightly, but it's usually been around 1pm CST.  Fridays are 830pm-ish CST.

 Artwork I've been working on:

 I can have prints made of anything I've done if interested :)
 I can still be found on:

Instagram @ scribblemaiden1
FB @ ScribbleMaiden Studios
Twitter @ scribblemaiden
Twitch @ scribblemaiden

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