Sunday, March 19, 2017

Changes to Website

Hello Interwebs!

Anyone who is currently following my website ( probably has noticed that it's March, and nothing has updated since November?  I know.  Trust me.

I am currently working 50 hour work weeks for my "real world" job, which means that unfortunately, all of my creative endeavors have had to take a back seat temporarily.  It was easier to maintain the site, and make art and jewelry when I was working 32ish hours a week.

With this all said, my private store through Wix will be closing.  The domain will link back to this blog as soon as I get that squared away (next few days?).  That store will forever more be gone.  Etsy will still exist, however, it hasn't been updated for the exact same reasons as the private site. 

Am I done making art?  No.  Not in this life time.

What's planned in the future?  Sticking with Etsy, and Facebook for sales.  I'm hoping to start branching out more, but it appears to have to be on hold until at least Mid-May 2017.  (At which point I hopefully be working a normal schedule.)

It just makes sense to streamline, and this is the perfect time to start looking at that. 

Thanks for all the love and support.